Management Team

Director and CEO:

Ian Harris

Ian is an experienced CEO in the life sciences industries. He has raised significant venture capital investment, developed innovative products, created successful sales and marketing strategies and taken products through CE marking and FDA 510(K) regulatory clearance. In particular, he was employed as CEO at Cambridge Cognition and through a number of product development, capital raising, personnel, and culture and process changes he put it on a strong footing and a renewed growth trajectory in preparation for its 2013 IPO.

Founder and Lead Scientist:

Dr Nir Grossman

Nir's research at the MIT Media Lab focuses on transcranial electromagentic stimulation, in which external fields are used to modify the excitability of brain areas and entrain rhythmic synchrony among cortical neural pathways. Nir is a Wellcome Trust-MIT Fellow. He was awarded the British Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Enterprise Fellow prize which he conducted at the laboratory of Christofer Toumazou at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial.


Professor Alan M. Palmer

Alan has formed or co-founded six biotech start-up companies. He is presently a director of Cerebroscience, MS Therapeutics Ltd, One Nucleus and the British Neuroscience Association. With over 100 peer reviewed papers to his name, his scientific research has had a high impact particularly in the study of dementia. Alan is visiting Professor at University College London and the University of Reading and Life Science Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Bristol. He was voted London Biotechnology Network Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005.


William T. Denman, MBChB, FRCA

William 'Pepper' T. Denman began his career at Tyco Healthcare (now Covidien) becoming the Chief Medical Officer and VP for Medical Affairs in 2007. In 2010, he joined GE Healthcare as Chief Medical Officer. More recently he has been working with smaller companies and investment vehicles, providing expertise and leadership to academics and start-up companies. Pepper continues to practice at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and maintains his academic affiliation at Harvard Medical School. Pepper received his medical training in the United Kingdom, completing his residency at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London, followed by a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital. In 2000 he became Chief of Paediatric Anaesthesia at the Floating Hospital for Children in Boston. He has been involved in clinical trials of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the areas of paediatrics and respiratory illnesses and has several medical device patents. Pepper is also co-leader of an annual non-profit mission to Vietnam where he provides care to children and medical teaching to those who care for children.

Chairman Scientific Advisory Board:

Rees Cosgrove, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C)

Rees is currently Director, Epilepsy and Functional Neurosurgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. Previously he was Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery, Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University and Director of the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute. Rees is author or co-author of over a hundred published reports, papers and book chapters in the areas of Neurosurgery, Movement Disorders, Epilepsy, Pain and Psychiatric surgery. He has been a visiting professor at over 40 university medical schools and is a member of the editorial board of several important Neurosurgery, Neurology and Psychiatry journals. Rees' main research interests are in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery for epilepsy, movement disorders, psychiatric disease and brain tumors.


Dr Jill Rasmussen

Dr. Jill Rasmussen is a clinician with a special interest in psychoses, affective disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years, and also for the Medicines Control Agency (now the MHRA) for 18 months. Since 1994, she has combined part-time clinical practice with her own independent research consultancy specialising in developmental and medico-marketing strategy for drugs in CNS indications. She is the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Clinical Champion for Dementia, Chair of the RCGP Intellectual Disability Special Interest Group and has experience as a CCG Commissioning Lead for Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability.


Galvin Mould

Galvin is an experienced Chairman and Non-Executive Director with international sales, marketing and general management experience in medical device companies. He has been Chairman and/or Director of a number of Imperial College spin-outs and is also Chairman of Medicina Holdings, a Business Growth Fund medtech business.

Founder and CTO:

Alan Ambrose

Alan is a software architect and product designer with a long history and successful track record in software design and architecture. He was a director and CTO of Credit Market Analysis, now owned by S&P Capital IQ and is a business angel to a number of technology ventures. He is a graduate of Oxford, Harvard, Imperial and the Royal College of Art in Engineering, Management and Design, respectively.

Founder and Director:

Nick Davies

Nick is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud services specialist and founder and CEO of NJ Technologies, a dental SaaS provider. He is a graduate of Imperial's bio-engineering programme and has been involved in Cerestim since its inception.