3rd December 2015

Cerestim signs additional licensing deal with MIT.

Following the first licensing arrangement concluded in May 2015, Cerestim and MIT have made an additional agreement to incorporate licensing of Nir Grossman's novel work in real time stimulation techniques.

8th October 2015

Nir Grossman files final patent involving stimulation of biological tissue.

Nir Grossman, founder of Cerestim has filed with the USPTO a significant patent involving the stimulation of biological tissue. Cerestim believes this technology could significantly impact the treatment of deep brain stimulation.

29th September 2015

Cerestim completes clinician KOL interview study.

Cerestim has today completed interviews with key clinician opinion leaders in the UK on depression, and also gauged the reaction to its product prototypes and business models.

7th September 2015

Cerestim files significant provisional patent involving smart electrode technology.

Alan Ambrose, co-founder of Cerestim, has filed today with the UKPTO a provisional patent involving the technologies of smart electrodes. Cerestim believes this will be eventually divided into 6 related patents in this area.

30th July 2015

Cerestim successfully completes safety and tolerability study with Birmingham University.

Cerestim is pleased to announce that it has completed its study with the University of Birmingham and MIT. The positive results include data on the safety and tolerability of the MIT stimulation device and techniques.

21st July 2015

Nir Grossman files provisional patent involving real time computation of bio signals.

Nir Grossman, founder of Cerestim, has today filed an innovative technique for the real time computation of bio signals. Cerestim believes this technique could help the treatment of both movement and sleep disorders.

20th May 2015

Cerestim signs licensing agreement with MIT for founder's IP.

Cerestim has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement with MIT to in-license the results of Nir Grossman's work at MIT in transcranial stimulation.

31st March 2015

Cerestim appoints William 'Pepper' Denman as director.

Cerestim is delighted to announce that William 'Pepper' Denman. MB ChB, FRCA is joining the Board of Cerestim as a non-executive director from 1 April 2015. Pepper is a highly experienced Board Director and Clinician who brings many years' experience working in large blue chip multi-national medical device and smaller rapid growth businesses. Pepper was formerly CMO of GE Healthcare and Covidien and is a practicing clinician at Massachusetts General in Boston. Pepper will focus on clinical development, fundraising and US representation.

1st February 2015

Cerestim signs research contract with the University of Birmingham.

Cerestim has today signed a research agreement with the University of Birmingham to conduct a study with MIT to examine the effect of alternating alpha stimulation on underlying brain rhythms. The University will conduct a research project to determine the feasibility of using non-invasive brain stimulation to modify neural activity in the human brain. This will evaluate the change of neural activity using electroencephalography (EEG) recordings before, during and after the application of brief periods of transcranial stimulation.

16th January 2015

Cerestim completes IP landscaping analysis.

Cerestim has now completed an extensive IP landscaping analaysis of patents and worldwide experimental trial information including 15,000 relevant patents, 180 applicants and 300 inventors and believes that there are no significant freedom-to-operate problems or confounding IP with its chosen research and product directions.

25th September 2014

Ian Harris and Alan Palmer to present at EPIC Biotech conference.

14th July 2014

Cerestim appoints expert advisors.

1st July 2014

Cerestim starts TSB Biocatalyst study.

7th May 2014

Cerestim is awarded TSB Biocatalyst Feasibility Study Round 5 grant.

22nd April 2014

Cerestim appoints Ian Harris as CEO.

15th April 2014

Cerestim appoints initial board.

3rd April 2014

Cerestim incorporates, targeting transcranial stimulation and related technologies and markets.